Thursday, February 4, 2010

Introducing myself

This is me. My name is Becky Rink and I'm the owner of About the Cake, Inc. in the Cleveland Ohio area. I love everything about cake from making it to designing it to creating it to eating it. I've been a fan of cake for, let's see, about 40 years. I've only been decorating it for about 10. During that time, I've discovered the unbelievable world of sugar art and all the wonderful and amazing things you can do with sugar.

I'm also the co director of The Art of the Cake, a cool cake show in Cleveland that happens every January.

I'm not really all that philosophical. I'm sarcastic and love humor, but also believe that everything happens for a reason. Karma of sorts.

I've competed on two TLC Ultimate Cake Offs and hope to do more. I've done other competitions too, but they've more local cake show style shows.

If you have any questions about how to do something (cake related!), just ask. I might just have an answer! AND I just might have step by step photos.

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  1. Welcome to blogdom! I've been blogging for a while (although I do take a hiatus every now and then - which reminds me, I've got to start up again soon)... Hope to see more of you on here.