Friday, February 5, 2010


I guess I should have called my blog "About the Cake and Cookies too..." since right now I'm going to talk about cookies. I'll probably bounce around a lot between cookies and cake, so bear with me. Chances are, you'll see what madness I have in my head and wonder about me, lol.

This year I'm writing a book about cookies. Fabulously unique cookies. I'm writing it because I have some of the most fabulous (well, in my mind) cookie recipes and I feel the need to share them with the world. You'll probably see pictures on here of some of the cookies as we prototype them. We (my sister and I) already have several of the recipes worked out, but there are more that we want to do so we have a completely cohesive book.

I'm also going to need some taste testers. If you're interested, let me know. Can't promise, but I would like to ship them so we can also find out about the shipping quality of them.

So without futher adieu...COOKIES!

The picture at the left is our signature line "Cocktail Cookies" . They include many of the cookies that will be featured in the book. Pina Colada, Fuzzy Navel, Margarita, Nutty Irishman, Alabama Slammers, Kahlua and Cream and Lemon Drops. Tempting, eh?

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