Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Where's Becky now?

ha ha ha, I have a lot of people saying that to me lately. I travel quite a bit, teaching sugar arts at various cake shows and other events. It is one of the highlights of my job. Teaching the sugar arts to up and coming sugar artists is such an amazing experience. This is because the look on their faces when they realize that they can do it too is priceless. It's almost like seeing that 5 year old freak out about how cool their cake is. Priceless. The joys of the job.

Well, to answer your questions (in case you wanted to know) below are some of the way too cool places that I'll be in the next few months. Websites are listed also so you can check out each one.

Beginning in January, Becky will be teaching baking and decorating classes at the Loretta Paganini School of Cooking. Please visit their website for more information. www.lpscinc.com

Baking with Baileys, Loretta Paganini School of CookingMarch 15, 2011 6:30-8:30pm
Learn how to create 5 delicious Bailey's based desserts including cake, filling, brownie, cookies. YUM

National Capital Area Cake ShowMarch 26-27, 2011
Becky will be teaching Draping and Buttercream Embroideryas well as judging the Cocktail Cupcake Competition inspired by The Top Shelf Baker book.www.cakeshow.org

Great American Cake ShowApril 30-May 1, 2011www.greatamericancakeshow.com
Becky will be teaching Rock-n-Roll Flowers using modeling chocolate. All supplies included!

Oklahoma DOS May 15, 2011Mold Madness theme.
Becky will demonstrate how to use poured sugar in a variety of molds and will discuss pros/cons and pitfalls of vaioru molds and sugar issues.

Sweet Justice Mini ClassesMay 16, 2011www.ruthssweetjustice.com
Becky will be teaching Fondant Face Sculpting and Rock-n-Roll (aka Tattoo) Flowers

Cake Camp, Henderson, NVJuly 11-14, 2011www.cakecamp.com
Becky will be teaching Rock-n0 Roll (aka Tattoo) Flowers, Sushi Cakes, Everyday Poured Sugar, Working with Wafer Paper, and Sweet 16 Cake and co-teaching Principals in Cake Design with Anna Weisend.

ICES Convention, Charlotte, NCAugust 4-8, 2011
Demo: Texture painting on cake
Stop by the Cal Java booth to see Becky demonstrating the Elite products in cookie decorating! Free cookie samples with the product available (first come first serve, limited supply)

Cove County Cake Show, Beford, PA August 20, 2011Classes TBA

Cake LOVE, Vancouver, BC Sepbember 23-24, 2011
Becky will be teaching edible jewelry, ocean scene, fondant face sculpting, everyday poured sugar, and sculpting basics

Sweet Retreat, OregonOctober 23-24, 2011
Becky will be teaching Working with Wafer Paper, Fondant Face Sculpting, Bows and Popping Toppers, Texture Painting, Fondant Cookie Decorating, Ribbon Flowers, Sushi Cakes and Rock-n-Roll (aka Tattoo) Flowers

Please also check out the website for more updates and information.

Friday, March 4, 2011

A new kind of bridal show

You're invited to a unique bridal event!

Are you tired of the same old cattle call style bridal show? About the Cake has teamed up with local vendors to create a unique bridal show, known as The Wedding Reception. We will have a cake on display along with cupcakes for you to taste. Not just samples, but a real size piece of cake!

At this event, you will be inspired by beautiful wedding details on display in a relaxed and fun wedding reception/cocktail party atmosphere! Live music and a DJ, a photo booth and a photographer, cake and hors d'oeuvres, lighting, favors, beautiful table settings and flowers, a strolling fashion show and more. It's a party!

The first 50 brides to register will receive our fabulous swag bag. All brides are entered into the prize drawings throughout the evening. A cash bar will be available for cocktails.

Tickets are $10 (admits bride + 1 guest) and can be purchased on our blog at http://amynixonevents.blogspot.com/ . Proceeds will benefit a local charity.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year, Just New

Today marks the beginning of a new year. Yep, I'm good at pointing out the obvious, eh? But not only does it mark the beginning of a new year, it also affords us the opportunity to make changes. For some reason, a new year lets us fantasize about what could be, what should be, and finally what will be.

So, with that in mind, I've made the decision to make goals rather than resolutions. Resolutions fail, right? Goals can't really fail because we strive to attain them. It's something we work for. Resolutions are just statements of fact. I will lose weight. Yeah? Really? A goal states how much weight to shoot for. An attainable goal. Exercise more. Yep, sure. Let me get right on that. See if I set a goal to say, walk 1 mile 3 days a week, I have set a benchmark to work for. A resolution is just a fancy way of wishing.

Here goes:

Business Goal #1. Create a new website. CHECK! (please visit www.aboutthecake.com to check it out)

Business Goal #2. Blog at least 1 day each week.

Business Goal #3. Find marketing tools that work and put them in place.

Business Goal #4. Make decision on keeping on as a cottage bakery or leasing space.

There will be more, I'm sure. But these are the most important and pressing goals right now.

Stay tuned for more blogs from this blog-challenged caker.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

October 2010, back from Sabbatical

So, after 9 months 'off', I'm back. Now, when I say "off" I mean just from customer contact really. Can a baker or artist really take time off? I don't think so.

Taking time 'off' is pretty interesting. You actually have the choice of what you want to do during that time. I chose to write, although that's not apparent in my blog! I almost forgot about the blog.

You think you're going to have all this time alone or off or doing the things you've always wanted to do. But is that what happens? Not really. I guess you have the choice to go that route, but I need projects. I need things to do. Sitting at home waiting for the kids to get back from school or sitting around waiting to be needed isn't my thing. I need something to do and I sure don't like cleaning...so what does that leave? Creativity, lol

The art doesn't leave your head. Because of this and the need for a project, I took time to work on a long awaited project. Something I've been wanting to do for the last 2-3 years. I spent the better part of the first 6 months writing a cookbook called "The Top Shelf Baker-Sweet Treats from a Well-Stocked Bar" while gaining a ton of weight, ha ha ha. Allergies popped up fiercely which then allowed me to lose the weight that I had gained during the testing phase of the book.

For those of you who follow me on Facebook, you probably already know all this.

I've also been travelling a lot for teaching. In my travels, I've met so many wonderful people while getting to share cake decorating! How cool is that? Is that not the best job ever??? From Virginia to Georgia to San Diego to Vegas and soon to Arkansas...Way too cool!

Finally also got to meet some of the people I've fallen in love with through the internet. People like Debbie Goard from Debbie Does Cake. Debbie Does Do Cake alright!

Anyway, enough rambling.

Hopefully thoughout the rest of the year I'll remember to take photos of some step by steps and baking prototypes to share with you. This week it's caramelized cocoa nib cupcakes. The experiments have been pretty interesting, lol...

Until next time...

Friday, March 12, 2010

Tell me....

what you want to see here. Are there any questions that you want answered? Any techniques you want shown? More info on cookies? Let me know what you want to see and read and I'll hop to it!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


So, I've been away for a little bit. Those of you who follow me on Facebook already know the scoop and have seen the photos.
Two weeks ago I was fortunate to be chosen to compete at the Connecticut Cake Competition in their live challenge. The theme was "Child's Play" but it had to be between 24-36" tall. My usual partner wasn't able to come with me this time, but I was so lucky to be able to partner with Pam Zola of http://www.pamcakes.com/ . She's FABULOUS! Oh, and she's a great roommate too! This was Pam's first live competition, but I had complete faith in her because I know what she can do. She had placed 2nd at The Art of the Cake with an amazing painted cake...only 1 point behind the winner. Check our her website when you get a chance.
We up against some stiff competition and all the cakes turned out nice. We made a popup story book with a 3d-ish treehouse in a tree. The judges seemed to like it but they said that while it was well executed, it just didn't have the "wow" factor of the size of the others. Lesson learned. We were proud of our cake and ended up taking third place. YAHOO!!!!

Now, onto this week. Anna and I were selected as the only non-local team to compete at the Central Ohio Home and Garden Show in Columbus Ohio. On Sunday, March 7th, we gathered up our things and went to set up at the competition. Most of the things were ready, but we did get a little bit of a late start. Fortunately, we were on our game on Sunday and the late start didn't end up hurting us. Thankfully, it didn't seem to hurt any of the other competitors either.

Around 10:30 or so, the crowd started filling the chairs. I was amazed to see how many people came. Of course, they weren't necessarily there to see us, but to see Mary Alice and Geoff from Ace of Cakes! It was pretty cool to see them, and they're so very nice. Mary Alice is so tiny!

We plugged along and were able to take the last hour to fuss over the tiny details of our cake. All the cakes were coming along great. We were pleased to see that everyone created a cake to be proud of. It was also pretty neat to see the variety of ideas and interpretations of the theme "The Art of the Garden" Wedding cake.

Ours was a 2 foot tall tree with miniature wedding cakes hanging on swings. We LOVED our idea and I have to say, we worked steadily for 3 weeks on the details for the cake. We had a day where nothing really went wrong. We also knew we were taking a huge risk by doing something "non traditional" but figured this was the best time given who the judges were. We just really wanted to do this design!

Well, it worked out to be our lucky day and a risk worth taking! WE WON!!! I jumped up and down and hugged Anna then jumped up and down on the stage while trying to walk over to get the prize.

The miniature wedding cakes are only 3" tall. All the gumpaste flowers were made by Anna. I did the leaves and the big stuff as usual :)